Welcome to CPAT Distribution

CPAT Distribution is a proud distributor of the Ceiling Breach and Pull machine, Forcible Entry Machine, and Calibration Unit, as well as the Portable Stand for the Forcible Entry Machine. All other testing items are competitively priced, with our bulk discount passed on to your department.
  • Welcome to CPAT Distribution

    CPAT Distribution, Inc. is your one-stop source for all C.P.A.T.- related equipment. We offer a wide variety of products as well as a full line of space-saving fitness equipment for your department.

    Welcome to CPAT Distribution
  • Proctor Training & Course Validation

    We offer Proctor Training and Course Validation at a daily rate. All course lengths, distances, and prop construction are checked to ensure CPAT course is in full compliance with CPAT manual.

    Proctor Training & Course Validation
  • Firefighter Owned and Operated

    CPAT Distribution caters to individuals and Fire Departments of all sizes. Our company enables Fire Departments to purchase equipment from a single source with just one purchase order.

    Firefighter Owned and Operated

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