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Proctor Training

CPAT Distribution will provide a CPAT consultant to come to your location and train your proctors. Your candidates will be trained on the detailed points provided in the CPAT manual. The consultant will also provide information on some of the Administration points when it comes to CPAT testing. Your trained team of proctors will have a classroom and hands on session. The classroom session will breakdown the rules and regulations along with the finer points of the CPAT test. The hands on portion will have mock candidates running the course, participants will be proctoring each other under the supervision of the CPAT consultant. At the end of the training, your team will be well equipped to start proctoring real life candidates.

Course Design

Sometimes the CPAT manual can be confusing to read and make the proper adjustments to the specs of your facility. Our team will get the layout of your testing center and build out the course for your organization. It will be a coordinated effort to make the best use of your location. We will make sure all points are covered per the CPAT manual and also make sure you are comfortable understanding the manual.

Course Setup

The physical act of setting up the course with a trained CPAT Distribution employee ensures your time and efficiency in getting started with you CPAT testing. Some Departments are on a time constraint and need their certifications by a set date. In our experience, using the manual for the first time and proper set up can sometimes hinder a quick and timely certification process. We’ve decided to offer this service for expediency, when needed or preferred.

Course Validation

We send our trained proctor to come and validate that the CPAT course is set up properly and sign off that it’s in accordance with IAFF standards and can be used for CPAT testing and certification.

Consultation Services

Once course validation and proctor training is complete, running your first official testing day can be a challenge. A member of our team will travel back to your facility on your very first testing date to guide you in the right direction. We will help with any testing or equipment issues. We can help with the scoring documentation. A CPAT Dist employee will  be there for any questions or issues and make sure the testing day goes off without a hitch.